Primary Change4Life Sports Club Celebration Event

Family Fun Challenge

Primary Change4Life Sports Clubs are unique!  They are being delivered in primary schools across the country and having great success in engaging less active children in positive physical activity and we think that should be celebrated.

Schools have been telling us that the best thing about the clubs is the opportunity it creates to get parents, grandparents and carers involved. So we are challenging your school to SHOUT about your club’s success, bring to life the achievements of each child and volunteer and share that with the people that support them at home.

We’ve created an online tool to help, containing videos, downloads, templates and ideas to make the events exciting, and the chance to win prizes for your school by telling us what you’ve done!

Take some time to think about what you want to achieve by running your a celebration event or festival and remember there are loads of tools to help you get the job done on every step of the journey using your toolbox.

Choosing your Celebration Event

Choosing your Celebration Event

OK…so which event is going to be the best for you? Here are some suggestions of the type of event you might want to run.

Use these event cards alongside the ‘event checklist’ from your toolbox.


 Change4Life sports festival

This type of event demonstrates the types of activity that you have been doing and adds the fun of competition and challenge activities. A festival of sporting activity that brings clubs and families together.

 Family fun day

A chance to get the whole family involved in the club and to make sure that the parents of the young people that attend the club get a chance to see the club in action. A celebration event that gets families active together.

 Whole school assembly

Here is an opportunity to tell the whole school what is going on in your club. You could film the club in action or do a play or presentation but make sure you tell everyone how great it is and why you are shouting about it. An event to engage families in the celebration of the club.

Remember the power of young leaders and the great resource you can call on within your school or from your secondary school. Teams of young leaders could run your celebration event with your supervision and this toolkit has been designed with that in mind.

Who’s on the team?

Who’s on the team?

Organising a Family Fun Challenge is very rewarding. It can be done very easily by a team of switched on and motivated people… led by YOU!!!!

However, it is important to realise that to run a well planned event takes a number of different roles and skills within your team. The type of event will determine who’s on the team and below are some of the roles you may require.

Check the card for the event you have chosen to see who you need on your event team and click on the toolbox icons below to discover more about their roles.



In this section is everything you need to make your event happen and run successfully. You will no doubt think of other things and if there is something you want to share with everyone across the country be sure to let us know.

Planning your Celebration Event

Planning your Celebration Event

Step 1

Step 2

(e.g. are you fundraising for more equipment, recruiting more volunteers or club members etc.)

Step 3

(e.g. posters, radio, newspaper, website, social and who have you targeted)

(e.g. venue location, size of area, floor surface)